Friday, July 31, 2009

On Tuesday we packed up and headed to our friends' farm (about 2 hours away). When we got there it was rainy so we couldn't play much the first day but we had a blast that night in the "Barn" - that thing was way too nice to be a barn!! Caden slept in one of the beds while Mommy and Daddy and Mr. Rob and Miss Deena played shuffleboard and pool (yes we lost as both games). It was a great night. The next morning we were finally able to get out and play. Nick and Mr. Rob went all over the land while Caden and Mommy took a nap. Then after that I got to explore in the Rhino.... it was absolutely beautiful. Then I got to drive a 4 wheeler for the first time - that was a blast! Before we left we all went down to the natural spring creek and sat in the creek and talked while the boys (Garrett and Graham) played around in the water. The water was freezing but Caden didn't seem to mind dipping his feet in. We had such a great time at the farm with the Daniels' Family and we can't wait to go back!!!

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