Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Father

March 1, 2010

Another year older today. I'd have to say that this last year of my life has been the best so far. There were a couple of heartbreaking losses...losing my Grandmother and best friend last January. But the pain was very short lived because my first born son was coming a month later. Today is my birthday and two days from today is his. I love this kid more than I could have ever loved anything in my whole life. I have taken time recently to sit and reflect on the love that I have for my son and compare it to the love that God has for us. Watching my son grow up before my very eyes gives me a whole new love and appreciation for my God. I guess you truly never understand the sacrifice that God made for mankind by allowing his son to die for our sins until you become a father yourself. Looking at Caden, I can confidently say that there really is no way that I would be willing to give him up for another human life. As a father, I now understand what God went through a whole lot more clearly and it makes me appreciate and love Him even deeper. Thank you Lord for your sacrifice. We as believers look to Jesus and thank him for his sacrifice, but I think that we sometimes forget that the sacrifice from the Father was just as hard if not even more difficult.

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  1. Happy Birthday to all! What a great week of celebration for your household!

    Nick ~ Thank you for sharing your heart. This was a wonderful post!

    Look forward to seeing ya'll this weekend!

    Love you!