Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More "Firsts"

Well Caden has recently added a few more "firsts" to his list. As a family, we enjoyed our first trip to the Emergency Room on Memorial Day. We were at Gramps's house about to enjoy our lunch when Little Man fell and cut his eyebrow open. We rushed him to the ER while trying to keep the cut from bleeding all over the place. He was such a little trooper! After the Doc glued his cut shut, we were out of there and headed back home. I think that it shook up his momma and daddy a little bit more than it did him.

Recently we have been trying to master a few new things: walking up and down stairs, learning new words, and trying to jump! His newest obsession is Pop's boat. This kid is absolutely obsessed with the boat. His favorite thing in the world is to sit in the boat and play with the steering wheel. He is more like his daddy everyday!

A few weeks ago Uncle Greg let us go to his condo in Orange Beach, Alabama. We got there a few weeks before the oil spill started to show up. We had a great time with all of Momma's side of the family. Nana, Gramps, Bradford, Kristen, Dawson, Jonathan, Debbie, and Peyton all had a ton of fun playing on the beach and going out to dinner at night. Caden loved the waves and sand! After a few days, it was time to come home and get back to reality.

Back at school Caden has recently moved up in classes. We will miss his old teachers very much, but also look forward to getting to know and love his new ones!

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