Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Best time of year

We've done a lot this past month.  We took a quick weekend trip to Chattanooga to stay at The Choo Choo Hotel and visit the Aquarium.  Caden and his cousin Dawson had so much fun seeing the choo choos and all the fish.  They also met Santa for the first time this year.  Dawson was great!!  Caden - well let's just say he loved waving "hi" to him from afar but up close was a different story.  He was NOT having it! 

Then of course we had a fantastic Thanksgiving with both of our families.  So thankful to get to spend the day with everyone!

We went to see the Shadrack Christmas lights with my family.  We all piled in 2 cars (girls and kids in one, boys in the other) and drove through and enjoyed the amazing lights.  The kids enjoyed it.  Then at the end we got out and roasted some marshmallows by the fire.  It was absolutely freezing but the kids didn't seem to mind.  My very accident prone child fell somehow and scraped his upper lip pretty bad while we were there also.  That's always fun!! 

Then last weekend we went to Brunch with Santa.  Thought maybe we'd try this whole Santa thing again.  We had a little bit better luck this time.  Caden actually let his Nana take him up to talk to Santa but he just sat in Nana's lap, not Santa's.  He actually touched his clothes but that was about it.  He did say he wanted a "boat" (of course) then walked off : )  His cousins Peyton and Dawson did much better this year meeting Santa.  Hopefully it will get easier for Caden in the next couple of years. 

All in all we've had a great month and we are very excited for this Christmas holiday.  Caden LOVES the Christmas tree, Christmas lights, and talking about Santa so this time of year is a lot of fun!!  I can't wait to see his face on Christmas morning when Santa brings him lots of new toys ; )